AAG Services

Packages & Services


We have a technology ecosystem that supports you at every stage of the advice process. This includes customer facing tools, back office paraplanning tool Xplan and ongoing customer monitoring.


We offer a collaborative approach to learning and development giving you access to a range of digital and face-to-face training, peer-to-peer sharing, coaching and professional development days. Continuing technical education is offered via Kaplan.


We have an in-house paraplanning team that will offer you a high touch customized support to prepare advice documents, including AAG’s unique ‘Your Life Plan’.

Quality Assurance

Our compliance team and ‘AAG Way’ which is compliant by design ensures that you have all the support you need to meet your compliance obligations.


Our marketing team’s role is to identify customer’s that would benefit from the type of advice you offer and provide you with our unique Wealth Mastery Series aims to attract, acquire and retain customers for life.

Product and Research

AAG provides quality research, accessing from various sources. We also offer a competitive range of investment products and services.

Empowering you, the AAG way

At AAG, we are committed to helping our advisers focus on doing what they do best, serving their customers.