Heralding in a new era of financial services licensing and adviser support

We provide advisers, like you, with a level of certainty, clarity and comfort in the new world of Financial Advice.

Our goal is to support you through the transition from the old (institutional background) to a safety net of back office support, compliance and client facing services designed to enable you to continue to bring value and great advice to your customers.

Australian Adviser Group - we strive to be different

Australian Adviser Group isn’t just another AFSL licence, we are much more and only those who have borne witness to the ‘AAG Way’ can truly attest to the value we bring to Advisers.

Our value proposition is far more generic than ensuring Advisers abide by Regulatory Governance. We do not boast ‘open architecture’ nor are we a ‘dealer of last resort’. Importantly we do not align to institutionally owned investment platforms.

‘Compliance by Design’ - the ‘AAG Way’

AAG is a premium quality AFSL across Process, Compliance, Research and Investment services through strategic partnering with the best experts in the industry.

Culture, Scale, Growth, Teamwork, Partnerships, this is what we look for in our people.

Building a supportive and inclusive Adviser network looking out for each other with the aim of celebrating our successes together.


More Customer Facing Time

We offer you a range of back office support services to ensure you maximize business efficiencies freeing up your time to be in front of your customers.

Your Dream Practice

We work with you to understand your business objectives and offer services to support you at any stage of your business cycle to build your advice practice and achieve your dream lifestyle.

Customer First – Always!

We provide you with AAG Way, a customer engagement framework,  that is tried and continually proven successful over many years in delivering exceptional customer service and quality advice.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment is to meet the needs of advisers

We recognise that Advisers & their businesses are all different, both in the way they operate their back office and in the way they engage their clients.

Our Vision

To enable as many advisers possible to educate, engage & empower more Australians

Our comprehensive offering and customer engagement framework known as the AAG Way allows you to grow your business and to consistently provide quality advice.

Empowering you, the AAG way

At AAG, we are committed to helping our advisers focus on doing what they do best, serving their customers.