AAG puts advisers first. With our 10 step advice advice journey, it helps our advisers follow an end to end advice delivery process for advisers & customers alike.

It provides a framework to empower, educate and engage customers to ensure they receive the best advice possible.

We provide our advisers with training coaching, insights and support to effectively execute the AAG Way.

about the program

Our Wealth Mastery Program is as series of Empowering workshops & online videos where you will be immersed into the world of learning  how to create wealth and the endless possibilities of achieving all you wish for with the resources you already have.

The program is an interactive, insightful & engaging open workbook style of program where we will take you on an amazing journey of self discovery.

You will learn:

  • Why we behave the way we do when it comes to money
  • How to harnesses & control the power of  money.

Empower you with the tools and knowledge to take charge of your financial future & most importantly your life.

about the program

Our Financial Adviser Pod team will take the time needed to connect with you and to gain absolute clarity around what are the things that bring meaning to you personally and financially, We will establish your statement of position, as well as what are your Personal Goals & Financial Objectives.

All this is done in the strictness of confidence as part of the process of building the life long relationship & trust required between you & your Financial Adviser team in order to remain focused on the journey to realising your Dream Lifestyle.

about the program

Our specialist Financial Adviser Team Pod will take all the information collected from our 121 Discovery session & customize a Strategy paper, fully Stress tested to your individual circumstances while assessing potential future realities taking into account all likely scenarios & provisioning for the unexpected life moments that we are likely to encounter.

This tailored document, Your Life Plan (YLP), is a complete E2E Blueprint of where you are now in life both personally & financially & the alternative Future Reality that can be had should you choose to act upon.

We will also design the method & steps of what we must to do together in order that you achieve your Personal Goals & Financial Objectives

about the program

In addition to the WMS series, we will personally present a 121 abridged presentation of the Dynamics of FF program tailored to you to ensure you have a clear understanding of all that was shared in Step 1 Full Wms presentation.

We take care in knowing that your are comfortable and understand exactly what  it is we are doing together.

This session will further enhance your knowledge and empower you to make clear decisions, remain focused, disciplined and accountable.

Your confidence in us in why we do what we do is paramount.

about the program

In this session, we formulate and present to you Your Life Plan (YLP), the high level yet detailed strategy paper designed to show you how to take control of where you are now and the opportunities that can be had through harnessing the resources you already have.

Through the application of everything we have learnt from the WMS Series, adopting the right Methodology, remaining focused, disciplined and accountable, we will set a new course to making your dream lifestyle a reality.

We will also explain in detail the  method & steps of what we must to do together in order that you achieve your Personal Goals & Financial Objectives.

about the program

We will formulate a statement of advice. This document sets out the advice given to you by your Financial Adviser.

It will include the basis on which the advice is given, details of the providing entity and information on any payments or benefits the adviser, licensee or interested parties may receive.

It is a clear concise & effective document designed to ensure you are given enough information to understand the personal advice given to you and too decide whether or not to rely upon it.

about the program

We will provide a written SOA detailing our recommendations to ensure you are fully aware of the advice you are receiving, and that it is in line with our best interest obligations and that it meets with your personal goals and financial objectives.

This Session will encompass a  detailed explanation to supplement YLP in assessing the recommendations to ensure you fully understand the advice.

At this point once your comfortable and agree to  proceeding to the next stage, you will sign the authority to proceed so that your SOA  recommendations can be implemented.

about the program

Once we agree on the recommendations of YLP supported by your SOA, we will action the process effectively, professionally and in a timely manner.

Our professional administration team along with your dedicated AA & CRA will provide a detailed outline of all the necessary steps, the time required and who will be involved throughout the process.

We will complete and submit all relevant documentation.

You will receive regular notifications of how everything is proceeding.

about the program

Once we have implemented the recommendations, we will convene to discuss what has progressed to date.

In preparedness of progressing to the CFMP stage, we will establish your financial buffer parameters, and actions required in the event of a trigger event. We will outline next steps of our  forward progress meetings.

  We will assess the forward progress advice package chosen to ensure we have selected the most appropriate plan to suit your circumstances.

We will discuss our mutual responsibilities and commitments to each other as part of the agreement. This will be reviewed annually as part of our mutual partnership service agreement.

about the program

We will conduct annual forward progress meetings (FPM’S) designed to ensure you remain within your desired Glide Path as we track towards achieving your Ideal Lifestyle, Personal Goals and Financial Objectives.

The focus of these meetings is to prepare you for all and any forward progress adjustments.

We will continue to manager, fine tune & pre empt any trigger events at all times throughout your Journey.

We will detail in advance what scenarios are likely to play out in the likelihood of any trigger events.

Our unique EziMoneytor program will track our progress live on a daily basis.

You will rest assured taking comfort in knowing that together we are working to maximize your time, resources and opportunities so that we may one day realise and enjoy the fruits of our planned efforts.

Empowering you, the AAG way

At AAG, we are committed to helping our advisers focus on doing what they do best, serving their customers.