Foundation to Evolution 

Transitioning Program

About the Package…

Advisers who have met all the Licensee requirements as set in the Foundation Package, having shown a willingness to adopt embrace the AAG WAY and in accordance with their Transition & Succession program will be invited to upgrade from the Foundation Package to AAG’s Evolution Package.

The Transition & Onboarding program is as follows:

Phase 1: 0 to 6 Months

  • Minimum Foundation model ‘time under tension’ and probation period
  • Shown willingness to adopt to the AAG Way

Phase 2:  6 to 9 Months

  • Completed the AAG Way accreditation program

Phase 3: 9 to 12 months

  • Established transition & implementation to the Evolution modelling of existing clients
  • Advice Pod tailored structuring and resource support Design
  • All e2e Alpha Omega & Beta Vetted with Strategy Development Manager/ S Adviser

Phase 4: Beginning 1st 12 months

  • Onboarding & Compliance Committee Assessment progress to date
  • All e2e Alpha Omega & Beta Vetted with Strategy Development Manager/S Adviser ongoing

Phase 5:  1st quarter 12 Months – 24 months

  • Qualifying Advisers must have met/tracking to schedule with
  • Quarterly rolling assessment
  • Met and maintained KPI’S as per transition Agreement
  • AAG POD G200 Tracker
  • Transitioned 50% existing Investments to AAG managed APL, 100% New Business to AAG APL

Empowering you, the AAG way

At AAG, we are committed to helping our advisers focus on doing what they do best, serving their customers.